Carpet Cleaning San Diego’s 7 Helpful Clean Carpets Tips
While everyone loves to have their home carpeted, not many fully understand the importance of having their carpet cleaned regularly. Why it is important is not readily understood, but the reasons and importance are varied.

Carpeting is very expensive; and some persons would even go on to say it is an investment that adds value to a home or office. The expense and the underlying investments are simply reasons enough for you wanting to maintain your carpet with regular vacuuming and yearly deep cleaning. By so doing, you’ll be ensuring that your carpet lives on for a long time and continue to add beauty and value to your home or office by providing the perceived luxury of a cushy and nice covering for one’s floors.

And it for that reason that Carpet Cleaning San Diego has offered the following seven helpful carpet cleaning tips to help you ensure the extended life and benefit of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego’s 7 Helpful Clean Carpets Tips!

  1. Vacuum carpets daily. If this task is too bothersome, purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner to do the job for you. Vacuuming prevents soil from bonding to fibers, and keeps them from sinking down to the base of your carpet. There are lots of good vacuums out there.
  2. Make sure all hard surfaces (tile, wood, slate and marble) are cleaned daily or weekly. Pay close attention to the hard flooring in home entrances and kitchen and garage areas. You will not have clean carpets if your hard surfaces are filthy. To test these surfaces for soil, place a small amount of cleaner on a towel and wipe. This will show you what is being tracked onto your carpet.
  3. Make sure no one uses outside shoes or bare feet on your carpet. Post a “No Shoes” tradition observed sign and offer guests slippers. Shoes track in a lot of soil -especially if they see asphalt regularly. Going barefoot means you are injecting body oil into carpets. Soil clings to oil and oil clings to carpet fibers. Body oil can permanently stain carpets if given enough time. Slippers or socks worn need to be worn at all times.
  4. Place clean mats in entrance areas, around dressers, in bathrooms, and other heavily used areas. We recommend purchasing extras. Replace or clean mats as you deem necessary.
  5. Consider keeping pet assessable areas separated from carpeted areas. Dogs especially are very hard on carpet. This is a hard one if your pet is considered a family member, however dog fur contains a great deal of sticky body oil. When they lie down or even just shed, this oil will end up in your carpet. Of course pets that are not housebroken or who are sick can challenge your carpets cleanliness as well. Consider setting up barriers to carpeted areas if keeping your carpet cleaner longer is important to you.
  6. Never use cheap carpet cleaners. And never ever use do-it-yourself carpet machines. Cheap carpet cleaners are in a hurry to throw some things around, get paid and leave. They usually call themselves steam cleaners and soak your carpets with lots of water. Even worse than that most use cheap, rough sticky soaps or solutions that can really damage carpet fibers. Damaged carpet fibers are cracked and soil just loves to hang out in cracks. Do-it-yourself carpet machines are even worse.
  7. Only use Carpet Cleaning La Jolla instant carpet cleaner to get out every day stains. Our formula is top notch. Former San Diegan customers have called us and ordered bottles of it for many years now because they can’t get it anywhere else. Use of inferior products can set stains, change the chemical composition of stains (which make them harder to clean), and some even bleach carpet!

We hope that you will find these tips helpful and that you remember to check out Carpet Cleaning La Jolla , when your carpet, rugs, furniture, hard floors and drapes are in need of powerful and through professional cleaning.

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