Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector San Diego can Save the Day.

teflon carpet protector

dupont teflon carpet protector san diego

Teflon Carpet Protector San Diego

When carpeting is made, it has two protective properties. One is a “dye blocker” or “stain resist” property. This is simply a clear dye to penetrate the fiber. The second is a “soil resistor”. This is a product that is sprayed on the yarn and baked on at a high temperature. This helps to resist against common dry soil, and as a barrier between the spill and the dye blocker.

The Carpet Manufacturers recommend re-applying carpet protector after cleaning. After applying DuPont’s Teflon to the carpet, more dry soil will be removed with normal vacuuming and most spots can be removed with just water. Duponts teflon carpet protector works to keep your carpets and rugs cleaner longer.

Your Carpet Needs Protection

Regular foot traffic removes much of the factory protection from your carpet. Leaving it unprotected could allow permanent stains, premature wear and a lower appearance level. Your carpet will not perform or look as good without carpet protector. Having DuPont’s Teflon applied today will:

  • Prevent Many Permanent Stains
  • Assist In Resisting Traffic Area Damage
  • Make Future Cleaning More Effective

Unlike some other cleaners, Bob’s Carpet Care, Inc. uses only the highest quality carpet protector from DuPont, uses a dedicated electric applicator, mixes and applies at the proper rate, and grooms it into the carpet for better penetration.

Why use Teflon Carpet Protector San Diego Services?

There are many carpet protectors on the market, but we prefer DuPont because it has been shown to provide better protection against oil-based spills and everyday stains. DuPont Teflon protector repels spills and minimizes stains from penetrating into the fibers of the carpeting. The protector works great on all types of carpet fibers. It is odorless, non-toxic and it is safe to use around people and pets.

Teflon Fabric Protection

15¢ per square foot.

Call Bob’s Carpet Care, Inc for more information and details on Teflon Carpet Protector San Diego services: (760) 735-8750.

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