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history bobs carpet care Our history roots back over 30 years. Bob’s Carpet Care, Inc. was founded in Encinitas by Robert McLean in 1975. Bob realized quickly that most carpet cleaning companies were not providing very good service and they did not seem to know much about carpet cleaning either. Whether it is an apartment or a house, whether it is residential or commercial, there is always going to be a need for effective and reliable carpet & rug cleaning.

Bob wasn’t satisfied with regular cleaning, he wanted to be able to tackle any problems that may come up, so he started educating himself from the ground up. He read about new technologies, he tried new products, he studied cleaning manuals, and he communicated with other professionals throughout California. He learned everything that he could about the history of carpet cleaning yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

history bobs carpet careWith experience and diligence, Bob was able to solve many difficult cleaning related problems for carpet retailers, designers, and homeowners. Most other cleaners did not know how to solve these problems, so it created a niche for Bob’s Carpet Care, Inc. Over the years, Bob continued to work hard, adding important certifications and designations along the way. In time, others like the Better Business Bureau began to recognize his commitment to quality work.

With such success, you would think that Bob’s Carpet Care must be a huge operation. Not so. Over the years, Bob has made a conscious effort to keep his cleaning service small so that he can control the quality of his work and so that he can keep it very personal. Bob’s Carpet Care inc is small enough to maintain the highest level of service possible. Bob is more concerned about quality over quantity. Bob values his customers and in turn, they value him.

Bob’s Carpet Care has been serving San Diego North County for over 35 years. For excellent services and 100% satisfaction guarantee, call us at: (760) 753-8750.

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