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5th Year Free Carpet Cleaning for Repeat Clients

Bob’s Carpet Care is pleased to have many long-time customers who trusts us with their carpet and flooring needs. In appreciation for our return customers we offer free carpet cleaning on the 5th year. You might think, “5th year? That’s a long time.” The reality of the situation is that home and business owners usually own their property for 10 years or more. Thus regular carpet cleaning is not unusual, and to get the 5th year free is just a treat to yourself and your home. There are two conditions to fulfill:

To qualify for our “5th Year Free Carpet Cleaning Special” you need to fulfill  2 requirements:

  • You must have 4 years of uninterrupted cleanings (all wall to wall carpeting at least every 12 months).
  • We must apply DuPont’s Teflon carpet protector at each of these yearly cleanings (to all wall to wall carpeting at least every 12 months).

That’s it.  No fine print, no tricks or strings attached.  No contracts to sign or promises to be made.  Please note: you can also participate in our “Half Price Carpet Cleaning Special” where we clean your carpets every 6 months at 50% off the original price.  By participating in both specials simultaneously, you will get the half price carpet cleanings and have your 5th year cleaning absolutely free.

Bob’s Carpet Care, Inc.

With more than 35 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry, Bob mCLean knows how to do it right. Whether he is working with carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, stone or tiles, he knows how to clean, treat, and restore interior flooring. A floor is not just a floor: it is a foundation whereupon you and your family play and create; it is the foundation from which you build your business and establish a network of clients. Be good to your floors so that you can provide a clean and safe environment for your family, friends, employees, and customers. Call Bob’s Carpet Care today: (760) 753-8750.

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