Give Carpets New Lease on Life

One of the most revolutionary carpet cleaning products available on the market to is what industry expert calls Health+Clean, a new system that employs a custom-mixed pre-cleaning solution that works in tandem with a hot dry foam extraction, continuous forward-propelling dense-bristle brush and hypi-oxygen sanitizer.

This is one of the newest tools being employed by Carpet Cleaning San Marcos, which prides itself in never having to use neither the Chem-Dry cleaning method nor the hot water extraction cleaning method, which is why they are able to stand out from the competition.

According to their spokesperson, they have now “developed and are using are now using this revolutionary new cleaning method that came out of a third, pre-existing method.

Give Carpets New Lease on Life. How it works?

1. Furnishing Care: The first task performed when our technician arrives at a job is to carefully move any furnishings or items in order to clean under them.

2. Vacuum/Sweep: Once the area is clean the technician will proceed by vacuuming and or sweeping any loose soil present as needed.

3. Custom Mix Cleaning Solution: Our unique cleaning solutions are custom mixed onsite according to the specific needs of the area being cleaned. It softens soil and actually dissolves soil-attracting sugar and oil particles which are found in all soiled carpets. The cleaning solution is applied by hand-spraying.

4. Agitation: Once the custom mixed solution has been sprayed onto the carpet it is agitated as needed in order to further loosen soil, oil and sugar bonds in preparation for the full cleaning.

According to the product’s spokesperson, the results that one derives from using HEALTH+CLEAN far surpass the results persons usually get from both Chem-Dry and steam-cleaning. Unlike the Chem-Dry method, this new cleaning system works on all levels of the carpet removing the soil from the bottom up instead of forcing the topsoil down, which is stirred back to the top after a few weeks of normal wear.

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