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Where do Bad Smells Come From?

The most obvious source of bad smells are from pets and urine accidents from pets and young children. But even in a house with no pets and babies, there are smells which some may consider unpleasant. These include smells from cigarettes, perfume, and household sprays. Though some may think “Field of Flowers” is a nice aroma, others may find the smell overbearing. Similar, fragrances from candles and incense may not be pleasant anymore when smells blended together. Even without these added smells, just walking on your carpet with or without shoes will eventually cause a general, nondescript ‘bad smell’.

General Bad Smell, Pet Urine & Pet Odor Eliminator San Diego, CA

Whether it is due to urine accidents, pets, or too many sweaty feet walking through your home, Bob’s Carpet Care technicians are experienced in odor removal.

Minor Odor Treatment

For minor jobs, we try to remove odor without disrupting your entire living space. The affected area is saturated with our deodorizer; the solution is left on the carpet for 30 minutes to absorb the odor; then a special sub-surface extraction tool is used to extract all the way to the carpet padding. This method works for minor odor removal and is a good alternative to the more extensive odor treatment.

Major Odor Treatment

When something smells awful and it has been like that for a while, you may need a major odor treatment strategy. Here, the process involves pulling up the carpet, cleaning and treating the backing, removing and replacing the padding, cleaning, treating and sealing the sub floor, and finally treating the carpet pile.

Sounds serious doesn’t it? Not to worry, Bob’s Carpet Care can clean your floors and upholstery until they are smelling new again. Give us a call and get started: (760) 753-8750.

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