Do You Stink

Most likely YOU smell great! I’m talking about asking your home, “ Do you stink?”. All of our homes have a “smell”. It depends on what we cook, how we play, if we own a dog? These everyday factors in our lives create a “smell’ in our furniture, curtains, walls, vents and especially our carpet.
Dealing with stinky carpet can be difficult. We all want a fresh clean carpet. Having stinky carpet can be embarrassing too!

Do You Stink?

There are so many products that promise fresh smelling carpets and rugs. However, I have found steam cleaning to be most effective. A nice high pressure steam cleaning with a mild PH balanced rinse seems to do the trick! For example, I would rather my hair be cleaned with warm water than perfume powder or spray. Steam cleaning method gets deep smelly odors out and leaves carpet and rugs soft.

The best way to get a carpet cleaning is to call a professional. They have been trained in special cleaning techniques. They know how to care for your carpet or rugs with a high powered truck mounted system, earth friendly products (hopefully) and experience. Then, a clean smelling home.

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