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Carpet cleaning

We have our carpet cleaned every year by Bob's. Outstanding results and customer service. Kudos to Ryan and Mandy!”
- Mike Vernetti

I give them 5 stars!

Bob's Carpet Care has not only taken care of my carpets at home but also has taken care of my clients carpeting before I put their house on the market to sell. They are always courteous and helpful and priced just right. I would and do recommend them to everyone! I would give them 5 stars!”
- Annie C.

Outstanding Tiles

Tom and Easton came to my home a few weeks ago. Their work on my carpet and tile was outstanding. A+++! I had not cleaned my carpet since it was new and was reluctant to do so because of all the bad stories you hear. I am so happy to know that my carpet is clean and fresh. Don’t hesitate. This is the company that does a superior job at a fair price. You will LOVE the results and your CLEAN carpet!!
- Colleen

Tender & Gentle Care

My carpet is over ten years old and your thorough, but tender care during the last two cleanings brought it back to life. All of the furniture was gently moved and returned carefully to their place. In these days, it is great to have an honest price without hidden extras, fine print, or the misleading definitions used by so many rug cleaning firms, e.g. ten stairs equals a “room.” You also get classy professional from BBC who work in your home. I have a busy schedule and feel comfortable greeting the workers and leaving them alone to go to work or errands and let them lock up my home when they depart. I enthusiastically recommend BCC.
- Mr. Bob Harrington, Del Mar

Wonderful Job

Just wanted you to know, Bob, how pleased we were with the wonderful job you did on our home in Carlsbad. At one time we were advised to replace the carpet for about $5,000. Then you came along and did a first-class job of cleaning it and we saved quite a bit of money. Thank you
- Paul Ecke, Jr. & Mo Ecke, Encinitas

Professional, Courteous Service

I’m writing you to express my deep and sincere gratitude for time and again coming through for us, We’re grateful for your professional, courteous service for these last 15 years, We’ve certainly had a number of different problems arise over the years, yet you always impress us with how easily you tackle them. You should also be proud of your crew for their excellent representation of your company. Thank you all for your great work! Rest assured that I would recommend your services to others without hesitation
- Dr. Alan D. Davidson, Solana Beach

20-Year Client

If you are not using Bob’s Carpet Care, you need to start now! These guys have been cleaning my carpet, my family’s carpet and my clients carpet for over 20 years. I trust Bob to provide consistent and reasonable service, and Tom, Dave and the rest of the crew are always professional, courteous, and on time. I never hesitate to have my clients carpets cleaned by Bob’s whether they are moving in or moving out. I cannot imagine using a company where the crew is never the same as the time before. The carpeting in my home is 7 years old, butter yellow, and looks brand new, thanks to Bob and the guys. Take my word for it, just try them once and you’ll see what I mean.
- Joanne Petrilli, Del Mar

Best Carpet Cleaners

Bob, I never thought the carpets could look this good again. You guys are the best carpet cleaners we have ever used. And here is a $50.00 tip have a nice weekend. And thanks again the carpets look great
- Ken Crosby, Rancho Santa Fe

Extraordinary Experience

Bob’s Carpet Care – I would like to relate my “extraordinary experience” — I’ll never forget the time I was rushing to work and spilled m cup of cafe mocha all over my carpet. The cup bounced so I had coffee everywhere, even all over my white couch. I was certain I’d have to replace the carpet but you cleaned it beautifully!
- Billie Nunan, Oceanside

You Have Done it Again

You have done it again, another great job. What can I say bur thanks for the many years of fine service. I am always confident that when I refer your service you will do a great job.
- Joyce Sharp, Del Mar

Thank you VERY much

Dear Bob’s, Thank you VERY much for the super carpet cleaning! Boy, was I lucky to get Cris. He did an EXCELLENT job! You’ve trained him well. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep on referring your company. Many thanks. – Jerrie Hone, Encinitas “Thanks carpets look great! You guys are the best
- Mr. Mike Nichols, San Diego

Great Job!

I’m a very busy guy, but I just had to stop and say, Great job!
- Rick Meyers, Rancho Santa Fe

Thanks for help!

Thanks for help!
- Mr. Jack Simon, Solana Beach

Apple Juice Revisited

The spot from where my grandson spilled the apple juice came back and so did your outstanding crew. Thank you Bob it looks just great now
- Mrs. Elenanor Sullivan, Encinitas

Fantastic Job on Sofa

Tom and Ron did a fantastic job on the sofa last week and I just wanted you to know how happy I was with their work. Also your new van and equipment are very impressive, my neighbors noticed. You make it so easy for me to refer your company to my friends and neighbors. Thanks again Bob
- Mrs. Lisa Gill, Oceanside

Top Notch

Thanks for the many years of top notch service
- Jerry Anderson, Cardiff

Pleased & Satisfied

Bob, Thank You for the excellent job! We are very pleased & satisfied.
- Mrs. Patty Snodgrass

Sofa and Loveseat Joy

It was just wonderful having your crew here Bob. I just wanted to thank you for just an excellent job! Tom did a wonderful job on the sofa and loveseat! There were some dark stains that he didn’t think would come out, and he got them all out!
- Bill Carli, Encinitas

Great service

Great cleaning service! My carpet looks new again!
- Carpet cleaning in Brighton

Thank you VERY much

Thank you VERY much for the super carpet cleaning! Boy, was I lucky to get Cris. He did an EXCELLENT job! You've trained him well. Keep up the great work and I'll keep on referring your company. Many thanks.
- Jerrie Hone

Very Happy

Thanks for getting out to Mrs. Mullens so quickly Bob we were very happy with your service and will not hesitate to refer your company in the future.
- Jodie

I am very happy

I am very happy with the work of Cris and Ron!
- Mrs. Barbara Williams

Thank you very much Bob

The carpets just came out very clean and all the stains came out! I can't believe it. Thank you very much Bob.
- Mrs. Joan Lubowe

your work was great!

I have had many cleaners over the years and I just had to write and tell you that the quality of your work was great! Thank you Bob
- Rudy Monica

absolutely excellent customer service

You came back to deal with a spot that discolored and worked with it and me until I was satisfied, absolutely excellent customer service. Thank you!
- Mrs. Laurie Seed

does a great job!

I'd just like to say Bob's Carpet Care does great job!
- Lois Carson

Great job!

This is what is important to me. You removal the stains without leaving a filmy residue. With other companies I've used the carpets can look worst after they are cleaned. Great job!
- Corrine Berry

I just wanted to say Thank You

Bob; You and your team are very accommodating to my schedule. And of course you do the best work. I just wanted to say Thank You.
- Debbie Laws

You attended to my problems ASAP!

Thank you for helping me in my emergency. You have helped me out on many bad stains and problems over the years. You attended to my problems ASAP! Thanks again Bob
- Mrs. Christy McIntire

a very fair price

Bob I wanted to let you know that I liked the fact that you were so helpful in giving me different options for spot removal and at a very fair price.
- Jennifer Martin

Thank you Bob's Carpet Care

I just wanted to tell you that I can't even believe how clean Tom got my old carpet! Thank you Bob's Carpet Care
- Mrs. Judy Maller

Thank you Bob

I wanted you to know what a great job you crew did for us! Thank you Bob
- Mrs. Deanna DeClerk

Your work is great

You have always been very courteous and prompt. Your work is great and I have never had a problem with the service you provide. Prices are also reasonable and up front. Just thought I'd tell you after all these years.
- Karen Long

I am just very grateful

I am just very grateful to you for coming to my rescue in my carpet emergency. Thank you to all who participated.
- Mrs. Natalie McWhinney

they do a great job!

I like that Bob's is a local company, and they do a great job!
- Karen Winston

great job as always

I like how Bob's is very reliable. Just wanted you to know. And of course a great job as always.
- Billie N.

I really appreciate their work

I'm so glad to have found some one who gives such attention to details, and does just a great quality of job! I want you to tell Tom and company that I really appreciate their work over the years.
- Tom Hollander

I am just so pleased

Bob, I just wanted you to know that I am just so pleased with the great quality of your cleaning job!
- Caroline Sargeant

I am so pleased

I am so pleased with how you always seem to be able to fit me into your schedule. And I was able to add a couple of items I forgot to include. Cleaning was thorough, as promised. Removed red wine stains, and vomit stains. Just amazing. Thanks Bob
- Mrs. Regena Hurt

you do a Great Job

Bob, I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate that we can always count on your crew to be on time. Now a days that is really hard to find in a service company. And you work so quickly and you do a Great Job of course. And I'd also like to say you have the most courteous workers.
- Mrs. Carol Gourley

Excellent work!

I just wanted to drop a note to say; Excellent work! And I always enjoy how personable you are. Also your office is always in communication with us at all times, never leaving us in the dark. Thank you.
- Jeannette Bullis

Thanks for all the years of service

Bob, I wanted to write and let you know just how much I like your employee Tom. He is courteous, professional and efficient. Always does an excellent job. Whatever it takes to get the job done, and he does it so graciously. Thanks for all the years of service.
- Mrs. Francine Busby

very professional

Bob, your crew was very professional and did a really nice job! Thank you!
- Ellen Rugen

you are so reputable

Bob, we called you because I liked that you are so reputable and well regarded by our neighbors. And now I know why.
- Mrs. Natalie Doyle

Thank you very much

Dear Bob; I wanted you to know that I enjoyed very much meeting your friendly representatives. It was an excellent experience, not to mention they did a great job. Thank you very much.
- Kathie McClain

I have not used anyone else since

Not real sure just how long your company has been cleaning carpet for us - might be close to 20 years. Have referred many friends to you and both myself and the friends have no complaints whatsoever. Keep up the good work and the Customer Relations. Thank You.
- Marlene Hemstreet

quality service

It has been many years of quality service that I have enjoyed with your service. And I wanted you to know how much I appreciate that reliability, and the thorough carpet cleaning I get each time I call. Thank You!
- Mrs. Kathryn Fox

I really like your sincere friendly cleaning service

Just a note to say that I really like your sincere friendly cleaning service. Keep up the good work.
- Loyce Bruce

Bob's does quality work

Bob's does quality work. That's what I tell every one. Just wanted you to know. Thanks Bob's.
- Mrs. Nancy Merrill

the carpets look great

It's just so nice to get a job done right for a change. Bob, your crew was on time first of all, and so professional. It was just a great experience. And of course the carpets look great.
- John McKiernan

you did a superior job!

The enclosed check is to pay the difference in what you gave me as a discount. The results were worth the extra money, you did a superior job! Therefore please except my check to eliminate the discount. Thanks a lot .
- Bob Greider

You did a fantastic job

Thank you very much for a wonderful carpet cleaning performance in my home. You did a fantastic job and even cleaned a few rugs I didn't pay for! I was referred by my sister in law, Kelly Gustafson. She raved about you and insisted I only use your company. She was right and I will only use your company for any carpet and upholstery cleaning. Thank you very very much.
- Mrs. Caryn Kramer

everything looks just great

Hi Bob, Frank enjoyed meeting you! Thanks so much - everything looks just great.
- Linda Alessio

very thorough and professional

I meant to write you earlier but the Holidays got in the way. Mrs. Allison and I want to express our appreciation for the very thorough and professional way you "attacked" our dirty carpet. That vacuum on your cleaning machine must be quite powerful because the carpet was dry a lot sooner than we have experienced in the past with other cleaning companies. Needless to say you've got a permanent customer in the Allisons...and we'd recommend your firm with no hesitation at all. Thanks again, Clint Allison P.S. Also, none of the other cleaners we've used in the past left those plastic "booties" so we could walk on the carpet after a couple hours without getting our feet or socks wet.
- Mr. Clint Allison

had an excellent experience

Bob, there isn't anything I dislike about about your company, in fact I have had an excellent experience each time I've used your services. I can not say this about many service companies. This is a complement. Thanks Bob
- Debbie Bouchard

Thanks for the great job!

We used your service for a number of years with a good result. Then I allowed myself to be swayed by a neighbor to try another carpet cleaner at half the price. Actually, over time, I got half the service from the discounted cleaning company. As I watched my new carpet discolor, I decided to return to Bob's Carpet. I was not disappointed. When Tom's smiling face showed up at the door, I felt like I was home again and so did my carpet... restored, clean, and looking like new again. Thanks for the great job!
- Mary Schiffman

I was very satisfied

Just wanted to let you know I was very satisfied with your service at our home. Our rugs truly put your team to the test. I am so pleased I am having you give me a quote on the carpet cleaning at the office where I work. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
- Mary Kay Stuckey

The job looks great!

Thanks Bob, The job looks great!
- Mr. Robert McCrary

very happy with the job

I just wanted you to know that I was very happy with the job we did on my O'side beach house. Thank You Bob's Carpet Care Inc.
- Mrs. Susan Parker

such a good job

Thank you for such a good job!
- Susan Dewolf

what a great job Ron did

I just wanted you to know what a great job Ron did cleaning the carpets for me. I'm in the property management business and I know how important it is to have people you can trust to do a good job. And I will not hesitate to refer your company. Thank you again.
- Pat Snow

a great job

Happy Holidays and thank you for doing not only a great job but one no one else could do!
- Deborah Lokwood

We refer Bob's

We refer Bob's all the time.
- Mr. Rod Gould

We do recommend you often!

We want to go on record telling you how much we appreciate your cleaning services. We've been having our carpets cleaned by your company for over 10 years and we're never disappointed! Your staff, especially Tom (our favorite) represents you very well. For years, I thought he was Bob! We do recommend you often!
- Deborah Hopkins

We really appreciate your fine service

Thanks so much for taking such good care of us. The carpets must have looked exceptional - we sold the house to the first person who looked at it, for the asking price! We really appreciate your fine service through the years and your great staff!
- Sam & Nancy Carroll

Thanks for the great carpet cleaning

Thanks for the great carpet cleaning. I'll give you a call when we need our carpets cleaned again.
- Peter Barker

prompt and careful attention!

You've come to my rescue, you've saved my behind, you've kept me from crying, from losing my mind...You're a hero, a godsend, a treasure, a star...There's just no end to the great things you are! Thank you! We appreciate your prompt and careful attention!
- Jack & Betty Good

carpet looks great!

Thanks so much - carpet looks great!
- Kate Grace

I have had such an experience

I have had such an experience and it goes like this: On May 31st of this year, I called and asked if you could come out to try to eradicate a rather large spot in the carpeting left by my departing tenant. You came out that very day and advised that you would try, and if you were not successful, I would not have to pay the normal $95.00 charge. Examination of the area the next day showed much improvement, but the stain was still visible. I called once again and asked if you could give it a second treatment since the first treatment showed much promise. You agreed to do so, and again came out that very day. I am happy to report the stain is indiscernible.
- Edith Parti

a job well done

Thank you, Bob's, for a job well done. You removed the debris from a wedding reception, a lot of liquid detergent that had been spilled on a carpet and who knows what from two rental units. All three places look wonderful. Also, a repair job on a torn carpet that one of your technicians did 11 years ago is still holding despite numerous cleanings. Thank you for being there.
- Tracy Connell

Thanks again for all of your help

Many thanks for cleaning our rug. It looks much better without the food stains and kid's goo. I have just been over to our townhome. I understand that you cleaned the carpets yesterday - it looks great too. Thanks again for all of your help.
- Mrs. Lisa Lafferty

extremely reliable

Bob's Carpet Care has been cleaning our establishments for 14 years. They are responsible for the cleaning maintenance in both of our restaurants and they regularly service our locations every six weeks. They have proved extremely reliable and have done an outstanding job in serving our carpet cleaning needs, We would not hesitate to refer them to anyone.
- Tony

consistently provided the quality

We have benefited from over two decades of having Bob's Carpet provide carpet cleaning services for our fine coastal homes and apartments. Our quality rental units command premium prices, and we expect premium care from our vendors. Bob's has consistently provided the quality of service we need to satisfy the high expectations of our customers. We wholeheartedly recommend Bob's Carpet for their professional expertise and timely response to all of our carpet cleaning needs. "We have been using and referring Bob's Carpet Care Inc. for well over 20 yrs. As a property management company on the coast we deal in many high-end properties and feel that paying a little more for the best service and workmanship is well worth it. We continue to highly recommend Bob's Carpet Care Inc
- Golden Cricket Prop. Mgmt

They are honest, reliable and do a great job!

I have known Bob and his "crew" for over 15 years. They are honest, reliable and do a great job! I use them exclusively and refer all my customers to him.
- Patty O'Donnell

happy with a job well done

Just a note to thank you for the incredible job you did recently cleaning my old carpet! I really thought I was ready for new carpeting. However, you removed spots and stains that I thought would have been impossible! I'm very happy with a job well done! It was great meeting you again, Bob, after all these years. Just know that Tom and helpers have always been punctual, courteous, and very capable.
- Jerri Hone

very satisfied with the quality of their work

We have been doing business with Bob's Carpet Care Inc. for many years. We have always been very satisfied with the quality of their work. They are reliable and dependable. We are happy to recommend their services.
- Drs. Scott and Deborah Walker

Thank you so much Bob

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very very happy. Thank you so much Bob. I just can't believe how nice you got the carpets to look. I also want to thank David. He was professional, polite, and just very nice to work with. Anyway I'm a happy customer and would gladly recommend your cleaning service to anyone.
- Ron Cline

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help.
- Ron Laplante

better than I thought possible

You always make things look better than I thought possible.
- Alexes Willams

you guys do a great job

I always refer Bob's Carpet Care Inc. because you guys do a great job.
- Mrs. Cheri Law


Spectacular!! Thanks Bob's.
- Mr. Damien De Crausaz

incredibly professional job

Another incredibly professional job to make my carpet clean and look new after 10 years and a cat at a fair price without the horrible pricing mirrors used by most of your competition. And trusting your personnel in my home.
- Bob Harrington

Thanks for the great job!

Thanks for the great job!
- Johannah Leffingwell

Wonderful clean and customer service!

Bob's Carpet Cleaning is the best in town! They were quick, efficient and got our carpets cleaned without any hassle. They were able to remove all of our office stains. and get our floors looking great! And they provided excellent customer service!! We would highly recommend Bob's Carpet Cleaning for your cleaning needs.
- Tayler Gammelgard, SENTÉ Inc.

Awesome job!

The technician came out and cleaned my berber carpets like never before! They got out all the stains and even a soar milk smell in my kids bedroom. Now that I have wood floors they clean my area rugs even getting out cat urine! Thanks Bob! Definitely the best service I have had!
- Ali

- Anonymous

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