Carpet Cleaning for your Health
Your carpets have two purposes: to enhance the interior of your home and to work as a filter by trapping particles in the air that could be harmful if left floating around the home. The first purpose is pretty self explanatory; carpets add a homey feeling to a house while creating a soft and warmer environment during the winter. The second purpose is often forgotten about, but carpets service to keep the air in the home clear of dust, dander, dead skin cells and so forth from continuously floating around the house. However, as time goes on those particles can build up in the carpet to a point where the filtering effect is greatly reduced and the carpet can become harmful to you and your family as you continuously breathe in the trapped particles in higher quantities as time moves on. That is why having your carpet cleaned regularly is important for your health and that of your family.

Carpet Cleaning for Your Health: What Does the Carpet Trap?

• Dirt

• Dust

• Dead Skin Cells

• Dust Mites

• Bacteria

• Germs

• Fungi/Mold

• Fecal Matter and Body Parts of Small Insects

• Allergens such as Pet Dander and Pollen

• Food Particles

• And Much More!

Why is Carpet Cleaning so Important to Your Health and that of Your family?

All of the items listed above are trapped in your carpet as they build up they begin to become a health hazard to your family. When your children play on the carpets they are breathing in all of those problematic particles that can endanger their health such as making them more susceptible to colds, flues and viruses as well as causing reparatory problems. Children and the elderly are the most susceptible to these harmful particles trapped in your carpets and the more they breathe them in the more they are likely to develop health issues that could become more serious if the health issue and the soiled carpeted aren’t treated properly.

How Can Carpet Cleaning Improve You and Your Family’s Health?

By having a professional carpet cleaner come in to clean the carpets all of the trapped particles, in both the surface and deep fibers of the carpets, are removed so that they aren’t endangering your family anymore. All of the fecal matter, bacteria, fungi, germs and more is sucked away when a trained and skilled professional carpet cleaner comes in and uses their powerful machine to suck up the harmful particles. When your carpets are cleaner your family isn’t exposed daily to particles that can affect their good health, making carpet cleaning a vital part of improving the health of you and your family.

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