keep your rugs looking their best
Rugs can be a wonderful addition to the home, giving it a warm, comfortable feeling and completing the décor with a few well placed rugs. However, area rugs can sometimes be expensive and finicky to deal with as they begin to wear and show signs of stains. Oftentimes rugs can be fairly expensive and the more high-end rug it is the more money you’ve put into the rug, so isn’t it in your best interest to keep the rugs looking their best and avoid having to replace them? There are a few ways to keep your rugs looking their best such as rug cleaning and such, so pay attention to the tips below and your rugs will be looking spotless and pristine for a long time to come.

How to Keep Your Rugs Looking Their Best

  1. Regular Vacuuming – You would be surprised what regular vacuuming can do for keeping your rugs looking like they’ve just had a professional rug cleaning every day. However, regular vacuuming doesn’t just include the top of the rug but the bottom as well. The fact is that the bottoms of rugs can begin accumulating dirt and stains over time and those stains can begin to pop up on the topside if left untreated. So remember to vacuum the tops of rugs at least three times a week and then flip them over and do the bottoms as well.
  2. Put Padding Under the Rugs – Padding under rugs can do a world of good for keeping your rugs in tiptop shape. Usually rugs are put in high traffic areas and those high traffic areas usually have a lot of pivoting going on (i.e. you turn this way and that way as you go from one direction to the other) and that pivoting can cause you to dig your feet into the rug, mashing it into the surface below and wearing it down a lot faster. Padding between the rug and the surface below such as carpet, wood flooring or tile, can help to keep the normal pivoting of your body from mashing the rug against the floor and keep the wear from being accelerated. This can also help to keep dirt and stains from forming on the rug and can make your semi-annual carpet and rug cleaning far more effective.
  3. Rug Cleaning – One of the most effective ways to keep your rugs looking their best is by doing regular rug cleaning of both the rugs and the carpets. Cleaning your carpets and rugs can keep the dirt and other matter in the rugs from accumulating and staining them, helping to keep them to good shape. Carpet and rug cleaning should be done at least twice a year to keep them looking spotless and new for years to come.
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