Superior Rug Cleaning Method

It is our experience that custom cleaning of floor coverings including area, oriental and fine rugs, even sisal or animal skin are reasons enough for home owners to get their rugs cleaned regularly. And with gentle, yet effective rug cleaning techniques, persons will be able have any texture cleaned with impressive results.

Currently, there are a number of techniques available to the home owner to get the best carpet cleaning results. And especially with the kind off services offered through San Diego Rug Cleaning service, home owners can now avail themselves to a free, no obligation cleaning demonstration so they can witness the amazing results right before their very eyes.

The types of custom area rugs San Diego Rug Cleaning service caters for include Oriental, Persian, Wool, Silk, Fur, Antique, Sisal, Bearskin, Sheepskin, and all others.

Their cleaning method begins with a warm mild cleaning solution, PH balanced for your rug, which will prevent shrinkage or permanent damage to their rug’s natural fibers and elements.

Experience has taught them that less moisture used during the cleaning process renders better results. Salts and minerals, they believe, present in water and left behind after water soaking will weaken the fibers of rugs, dull their appearance and accelerate the re-soiling process.

Their process doesn’t rely on water pressure to remove soiling in rugs. And instead of using water pressure, they perform a safe and effective agitation method by using a specially designed forward-propelling bristle brush to gently release soil and debris while applying cleansing foam. The low moisture foam coats the rug fibers in order to collect the loosened soil particles. The contaminated foam is then extracted leaving your rug thoroughly clean and looking vibrant.

They will also dry clean or hand clean rugs as necessary, including moth treatment and wrapping for storage services are also available.

The thing that makes San Diego Rug Cleaning’s Dry Foam Soil Extraction method works so well is is a result of the Health+Clean cleaning methods, which far surpass the results most people get from any other cleaning.

Health+Clean cleaning method San Diego Rug Cleaning employs a very small amount of water and cleaning solution is inserted into their cleaning machine, which generates dry foam and applies it to the rug.

A continuously forward-propelling dense-bristle brush follows the foam and pushes it to the base of the rug so that it covers the length of the fibers and then lifts the foam, now containing all the soil, sugar and oil left behind by common spills and use, back out where it is removed by the suction of the machine.

When the sugars and oils are not completely removed, like in other cleaning methods, they will continue to attract soil allowing existing stains to return quickly. The foam is gentle on the rug but powerfully collects sugar, oil and soil in the fibers.

This low moisture method eliminates the need for your rug to be soaked, which causes the need for an extended drying period and leaves large amounts of residue.

The foam works on all levels of the rug removing the soil from the bottom up instead of forcing the topsoil down, which is stirred back to the top after a few weeks of normal wear.

For more information on carpet cleaning or to make an appointment please contact us.

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