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Effective Rug Cleaning Encinitas

Effective yet gentle rug cleaning Encinitas services can be achieved when you bring your rugs to Bob’s Carpet Care. In service for over 35 years, Bob’s Carpet Care knows how to clean your carpets, rugs, tile, stone, and hardwood floors. Rugs are picked up from your home or business and cleaned at the company facilities. Your rugs are examined by trained technicians before they start to clean. Our multi-step process for cleaning rugs is explained below. Trust your Rug Cleaning Encinitas services to Bob’s Carpet Care.

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Your rug needs to be inspected before we can start the cleaning process.  We will determine what type of rug you have and the kind of cleaning process that may be effective.  We outline a step-by-step plan to effectively clean your rug.  We will inform you of the expected outcome of the cleaning process.

In most cases, rugs have a fair amount of dried dirt and soil hidden within the rug fibers. It is essential to eliminate this dried soil before we start the cleaning process.  Different methods are used to loosen and extract dirt from the front and back of the rug. A pile lifter (a specialized machine used in the rug cleaning industry) and special vacuum attachments may be used to remove encrusted dirt.

We pre-condition to emulsify (break down) the dirt and soil so the smaller pieces are easier to remove.

Stubborn stains and spots are pre-treated with special solutions to achieve a better clean. The fringe, which is often quite dirty, is also pre-treated so that it can be cleaned effectively.

Your rug is washed with a Rug Shampoo that is especially formulated for oriental and fine rugs.  The shampoo provides a very good cleaning yet protect the natural fibers in your rugs.

Your rug is then rinsed on both sides with an extraction equipment.  Or, depending on the type of rug you have, it may be washed in a special wash pit made for rugs.

After your rug is pre-conditioned, pre-treated, shampoo’ed, and rinsed, it is time for drying. Prompt drying is important because it minimizes shrinkage. In a controlled environment, your rug is laid down flat to dry or hung up to dry. .

When dry, your rug will be combed and finished with soft groomers which are made especially for this function.

Our qualified staff thoroughly inspects your rug to ensure quality work before your rug is release for return delivery.

Machine-Made Wool Rug

$2.50 per sq ft.

Hand-Woven Wool Rug

$3.50 per sq ft.

Combo Wool/Silk Rug

$4.50 per sq ft.

Silk Rugs

$5.50 per sq ft.