How to Remove Allergens from Your Carpet
A clean and beautiful carpet serves a lot of purposes in the home. It can help beautify a room as well as be a nice, comfortable place where you and your kids can hang out and play. Sadly, it can also be a source of some health hazards if left unclean and poorly maintained. This is because carpet can house dust mites, pollen, and other allergens that can be a trigger for allergic reactions and can put your family at risk.

Keeping your carpet clean and free from allergens should be your number one priority if you are a carpet owner, especially if you or anyone in your family already suffers from allergies. Regular vacuuming is not enough as dust mites and other allergens can cling on to the carpet fibers and can be difficult to remove. If you want to find out how to combat these allergens, read on below for some effective cleaning methods that you can use on your carpet.

How to Remove Allergens from Your Carpet

  • Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is a great method for cleaning your carpet and eliminating those stubborn allergens that are hard to remove. Steam cleaning makes use of a steam cleaning machine which utilizes high temperature water to clean your carpet. This method works great for removing allergens and dust mites as it can reach hard to clean areas in your carpet, which is often where these allergens are located.
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning – Do-it-yourself cleaning methods are okay to use on your carpet, but if you are facing allergens such as dust mites then maybe its time to call the professionals to do the job. Professional carpet cleaners are well equipped with the techniques, tools, and experience to be able to effectively remove dust, dirt, pollen, and dust mites, which are all common causes for allergic reactions. Professional cleaners will be able to totally remove the allergens and make your carpet clean, fresh, and hygienic.
  • Preventive Cleaning – Once you have eliminated the dust mites and other allergens from your carpet, it’s not enough just to sit back and be satisfied that those health hazards are gone. You need to be proactive and perform regular cleanings to prevent dust mites and other allergens from making your carpet their home again. Regular vacuuming can help remove skin cells and dirt, which are the primary food of the dust mite.

Hopefully these three methods will help get your carpet clean and totally free from dust mites, pollen, and other allergens that can harm your family. Health is very important so always make sure that your carpet is clean and fresh to prevent your carpet from being a source of health hazards for your family.

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