Half Price carpet cleaning san diego

Half Price Carpet Cleaning Every Other 6 Months for Returning Clients

After being in business since 1975 and listening to our client’s concerns and comments, we’ve learned a few important things. Home and business owners are proud of their property and want to keep it looking beautiful all the time; but, clients don’t want to worry or fuss about their floors – they just want us to handle everything.

Why We Offer Half Price Carpet Cleaning San Diego Specials

By taking our clients’ needs, wants and concerns into consideration, we’ve created a fantastic new carpet cleaning program in encinitas that offers the absolute best in client service and home maintenance. It is a “no brainer” program because it is really simple: get Half-Price Carpet Cleaning Service in 6 months. This affordable carpet cleaning program is very popular without clients.

How to Qualify for Half Price Carpet Cleaning San Diego, Ca

  • Have us clean all of your carpets, wall to wall.
  • Have us apply DuPont’s Teflon carpet protection to all your carpeting, wall to wall.
  • Have us clean your carpet 6 months after the previous cleaning.

There are no contracts to sign and no small print to examine with this offer. Please note: when you purchase the Platinum Cleaning Package you are automatically eligible for the “Half Price Carpet Cleaning San Diego Special”.  Clients are often asking, “How can you possibly afford to offer a 50% off program like this?”

How Can We Offer Half Price Carpet Cleaning and Still be in Business?

In many ways, you already know the answer.  If have dirty floors and you do not clean the mess relatively quickly, it will be much harder to get the floors sparkling clean again. It takes three times as long and with a lot more elbow grease before you can thoroughly remove the dirt. Carpeting is no different. There are three things that will make cleaning your carpeting easier:

  1. We apply DuPont’s Teflon carpet protection to all the carpeting, (this makes the dirt slide right off your carpet when we clean it).
  2. We return to clean carpets within 6 months, (so the carpeting does not have a chance to get so heavily soiled).
  3. We do not move furniture at the 6-month ½ price cleaning appointment. (this cuts down on the time needed to clean your carpets).

The 3 things above allow us to finish your cleaning job quickly.  Less time means less money for you – 50% off to be exact.   The Half Price Carpet Cleaning Special in 6 months makes carpet cleaning affordable so you can keep your carpets clean without fuss.

THE END RESULT: Our cleaning time is cut in half, and your cleaning costs is cut in half.

How Does it Work?

When Bob’s Carpet Care provides you with cleaning services, we will give you a certificate that entitles you to a Half Price Carpet Cleaning (in alternating 6-months). In your sixth month, call us and schedule an appointment. We will also send you a letter to remind you of your 50% off offer. Still uncertain? Give us a call and we will answer your questions: (760) 753-8750.

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